Non Fungible Jokin animated logo

Media Kit & Brand Guidelines

Logo, Photos, & Font Download (Google Drive)



The official logo for Non Fungible Jokin' is animated, and should be used against a solid white or back background.

The primary logo is white-on-black, this version should be used wherever possible.

Static (Avoid if possible)

In a context where animated images are not supported (eg. for a PDF or print publication) this static variant may be used.

It should always be used over black or white.

Color & Type


Non Fungible Jokin's color palette is:
Pure Black (#000000)
Pure White (#FFFFFF)
Static Yellow (#F2FF00)

When placing text or logos over yellow, the dark text and logo variants should be used. Text should not be placed on a white background.


Impact is the title/display font for Non-Fungible Jokin'

Body copy and most headers are Lato. Bold, Normal and Light are all used.